Are Vegetarians Healthier?

Diet and nutritionLast month, a study showed that vegetarian diets result in more weight loss than non-vegetarian diets. While the study is new, we’ve known for a while that vegetarians may experience a variety of health benefits, including reduced risk of hypertension and diabetes. But does this mean that going vegetarian automatically makes you healthier than a meat eater? Not necessarily…

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Nature’s Palette for Perfect Health: Guest Post by Jayson & Mira Calton

Micronutrient MiracleWith so many outstanding varieties of fruits and vegetables available to us, how should we choose which ones to serve in our salads or steam for our side dishes? Add a bit of each color to your daily dietary color palette so that you can obtain an ideal range of micronutrients every day and paint your optimal health masterpiece.

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Ten Ways to Decrease Your Risk of Heart Attack

Heart HealthA couple of months ago, Rosie O’Donnell saved my mom’s life with HEPPP, which is the acronym she made up to help women remember the signs of heart attacks in women – which are different than the classic signs in men.

Learn more about the signs of heart attack and the ten steps you can take to support your heart and decrease your risk for a heart attack.

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