What’s Going on with Perimenopause?

bridgit_dannerGuest Post by Bridgit Danner, FDNP, LAc

Menopause is, in our cultural vocabulary, described as the symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats. But menopause is actually the cessation of your menstrual cycle. You know it’s ceased when you haven’t had a cycle for a year. Peri-menopause is a period that extends for a long time before menopause. But what is going on in perimenopause anyway?

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Your Guide to Beating Diabetes

Diabetes GuideToday marks the start of National Diabetes Awareness Month, and in honor, I’ve been working on something very special to share with you. It’s called, The Diabetes Nutrition Guide with 31 Expert Tips for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, and it’s a pretty awesome (and free) 128-page eBook that you can download (here).

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Brand New Research on Breast Cancer Prevention

breast cancer awarenessBrand new research on breast cancer prevention presents strong evidence that simple lifestyle changes, like diet and healthy weight management, can significantly reduce risk, which is great news when the worldwide incidence of breast cancer has increased by more than 20% since 2008. So what do you need to do to decrease your risk?

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