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Dr. Jennifer Landa specializes in helping women and men balance their hormones, restore their energy, and replenish their sex lives. At the heart of her practice is the belief that maintaining one’s health is hard work and she encourages her patients to make lifestyle changes that will result in increased health.

Dr. Landa’s focused, energetic, and straightforward style comes across well when she speaks in front of groups and on camera. She lectures nationally on preventive medicine and has appeared on national and local television. Dr. Landa just completed her first book with co-author Virginia Hopkins. Their book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women, is a no-nonsense approach to many of the sex drive issues that Dr. Landa addresses with her patients every day.

After a decade working as a traditional Ob/Gyn, Dr. Landa realized she wanted more for her patients and her patients needed more from her. She spent two years becoming certified in Preventive and Regenerative Medicine, with an emphasis on bioidentical hormones and nutrition. Her winning combination of western medicine and alternative therapies has revolutionized the way she practices medicine. Dr. Landa’s mission is to teach her patients how to reach their personal best in optimal health and beauty using the most natural and advanced therapies available.

Dr. Jennifer Landa is Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD and the owner and operator of BodyLogicMD of Orlando. Serving the greater Orlando, Florida-area, Dr. Jennifer Landa has achieved Board Certification in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in the specialty of Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Medicine and is an active member of the Fellowship for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Landa is the voice of BodyLogicMD and is also responsible for the training and education standards of all BodyLogicMD physicians.

Practicing MD, author, blogger and triathelete, Dr. Landa also serves as volunteer faculty at UCF Medical College and performs volunteer gynecologic care at a local women’s clinic. She earned her medical degree from Albany Medical College of Union University in Albany, NY in 1996, and completed her internship and residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, where she was distinguished as the Administrative Chief Resident in OB/GYN.


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  1. Hi dr Jen! I am a 38 yo physician on hrt for pof / early ovarian failure. I live in Chicago and was wondering if there is anyone who does bio identical hrt that u would recommend in Chicago. I wish u were here! Thx!

  2. Hello Dr Jen
    I have to ask, it looks like you are related to a friend of mine Mandy. She has put your site on facebook where I saw it.
    I have signed up for the email but I feel a little funny doing face book about people knowing my business, you see outside I am looked at as being a bit macho and that makes me feel good would not want to dispell that.
    SO what if I wanted to do something about my testosterone, is that something I would do with you or approach my Group HEalth provider
    Thank You

  3. Hi Dr. Jen
    I live in Iceland and bioidenticals are illegal here but relatives in the States have been sending me the progest cream from Emerita and it makes me feel a lot better. Is Emerita a good alternative when you don’t have access to doctors like yourself?
    All the best

    • Dear Jonina,

      I can’t offer medical advice as we’ve never met, but over the counter progesterone creams like Emerita can work well for some women. The precaution I would warn you about is that one dose is not the right dose for everyone, so if possible, I would try to get saliva testing done to assess your progesterone levels on the therapy. ZRT labs is one of the saliva test companies that I like to use when I assess transdermal progesterone therapy.

      Another word of advice is that some pharmaceuticals available in the US are bioidentical, and I wonder if they may be available in Iceland. If estrogen is needed (usually in a menopausal woman), I would check for estradiol patches or gels, of which we have several brands in the US and progesterone is available in as micronized progesterone here in a soft gel called Prometrium. Just because it’s made by a pharmaceutical company doesn’t mean it’s not bioidentical – many people get confused on this…

      Lots of luck!

      Dr. Jen

  4. Your article about vasectomies was disappointing (“the party line”). I can assure you that the average male’smvasectomy bears no resemblance to the commercial (eg bruising is epic, pain in the vasmdefrens long after healing, trouble clearing ducts months later,, reduced ejaculate and the feeling of less fullness when preparing to have sex).

    And the “scalpel less” v is a marketing gimmick

    You need to educate yourself (not regurgitate silliness). Vasectomies are big deals.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you had a less than optimal experience with your vasectomy. I did not mean to suggest that vasectomies are not a “big deal.” All surgical procedures carry risk and those risks should be discussed by the surgeon performing the procedure so that the patient can make an informed decision. Many men experience a short recovery period and no negative after-effects, which can make a vasectomy a reasonable choice for many couples. Since I’m not in favor of hormonal contraception for men or women, vasectomy is one of the options I think couples ought to consider. Again, I’m sorry for your negative experience and I appreciate you expressing your thoughts on the matter. Perhaps your comments will help men know some additional questions that they should discuss with their surgeon before going through with the procedure.

      Take care,

      Dr. Jen

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