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The Sex Drive Solution for Women
by Jennifer Landa, MD

Released in February 2012, The Sex Drive Solution for Women is the first book in a series by Dr. Landa addressing the major factors that can lead to a reduction in libido: your hormones, relationship issues,fatigue and stress. “It’s the overall balance of your hormones that counts most.”

Recommended Reading

The Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle

The Zone
by Barry Sears

Hormone Harmony
by Alicia Stanton, MD


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  1. hi I am 45, believe I am premenapausal, overweight and finding it hard to take off as I am a truck driver and it is very hard to get the exercise or a proper diet on the road. I listened to you on Tiffany’s talk show on playboy and was intrigued by your knowledge. I am from Ontario Canada so coming to see you is not fisable for me, however I would very much like your advise on anything you might beable to help with. My bones are always sore, I dont sleep well therefore I am always feeling tired unless I keep busy. I have a hard time relaxing, and am often feeling stressed and very emotional. Any and all advise would be greatly appreciated. Enjoyed my listen..Thank you

    • Donna,
      Yes, this problem is very common in women! Of course, I can’t give long distance medical advice, but it does sound like you could have a hormonal problem and I definitely would consider getting your hormone levels checked. The symptoms you describe sound like they could be related to high cortisol. This could cause weight gain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, irritability and other symptoms. Some herbs that can be helpful in people with high cortisol include ashwagandha and rhodiola. Please consult your own physician though for a thorough evaluation. Thanks for your question and feedback on the show! Best, Dr. Jen

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