Rewire Your Desire

Jen Landa, MDDr. Jen is a teacher, coach, and doctor.

Her program, Rewire Your Desire, helps women restore their energy, shift their moods, finally take off unwanted weight, and replenish their sex lives.

After more than a decade treating patients – first as an Ob/Gyn, next as a hormone specialist – Dr. Landa realized she had a valuable perspective on women’s health and made the commitment to reach as many women as possible with her message, that you can Rewire Your Desire.

The best love affair of your life is yet to come – and you don’t have to change partners to find it.

Rewire Your Desire is a unique, web-based training program designed for women who want to feel more passion, love and satisfaction in their lives.

The Rewire Your Desire Program includes:

Dr. Jen's Rewire Your Desire

  • Life-changing insights and practices that will bring the spark back into your life, your relationship, and your health
  • Four information-packed webinars – one per week for four weeks
  • Two bonus seminars – on Thyroid and Adrenal Health
  • Free Fitness Video and Exercise Roadmap from JJ Virgin, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert
  • Email support with tips and information throughout the six weeks of the program – to keep you on track
  • Membership access to download and watch webinars – anytime
  • Checklists, worksheets, and homework for each week of the program – to help you go deeper
  • Full transcripts and audio versions of all the webinars and seminars
  • A private “online journal” for you to record your thoughts and inspirations as you go through the program

HormonebalanceHere’s what people are saying about Dr. Jen’s Rewire Your Desire program:

“I think that what you are doing for women is AWESOME! Thank you for doing what you do. I signed up for your program this past Thursday. My birthday was yesterday and I thought, what better gift to give to myself and my relationship than this? And it is strange, even just having it on my radar to focus on has made a difference…in one day…and night! For me, it was like a little reminder to say, hey, don’t slack on this area of your life because the pay-off is huge! You are awesome and I feel like I have a new big sis that I can turn to about things I wouldn’t even talk about with my real big sister…thanks again for what you are doing and taking it to the level you have. You are a role model in more ways than one. Best birthday present to myself, ever!”

“Dr Jen is a godsend. Listening to Jen’s first video…has helped tremendously already. My husband had his best birthday to date!!! He’s a very happy man!”
-Julia S.

“Although I’m 68, I feel and look much younger, but went through some rough times the last couple years and for the first time in my life lost my libido during the last year. Your information makes a lot of sense and resonates with my thinking and lifestyle, so thank you for stepping out with this topic to help women and men regain a most important part of their life together!”

“I have really enjoyed all the Webinars. They have spiced up my sex life. My husband and I have increased our time together, touching, talking, and just enjoying each other. I never said a word to my husband about the webinars, but he seem to enjoy and joins in with taking the time for us. Lots of eye openers also. Like I didn’t realize that I really had lots of stress and wasn’t sleeping enough. Making some changes for the good. Thank you again for letting me go on this journey with you. I look forward to a better understanding in my journey down this new path I am making for myself.”

“[Dr. Jen,] your work is very important and I appreciate the candid way that you discuss the subject. I felt comfortable watching the video with my husband and it has helped open up the lines of communication for us about sex. I was never comfortable before, he was, but I wasn’t. I found all your info and presentation very helpful & I have my hope back that this low sex drive is completely fixable. Thank you so much!”
-Julia S.

Dr. Jen's Rewire Your DesireClick here for more info on Dr. Jen’s Rewire Your Desire program, starting with a set of three free videos that can help you restore your energy, shift your moods, finally take off that unwanted weight, and replenish your sex life.