2013 Resolutions for Better Sex Now! 6 Weeks to Live Better, Love Better with Dr. Jen and Sinclair Institute®


This new year I’m teaming up with Sinclair Institute® to share fun and creative ways that we can all Live Better and Love Better in 2013 – starting January 6th with six weeks of fabulous prizes.

We Can Create Healthier and Happier Relationships in 2013

Who wants to live healthier, happier, and sexier in 2013? I know I do. Exploring new ideas, information, and novel approaches is a great way to expand our lives and light the spark of passion in our relationships.

Join me on Facebook  for six weeks of fun prizes. Learn how to transform your libido, share greater pleasure with your partner, strengthen your sexual muscles, explore the world of sex toys, and more.

Each Week Discover New Prizes and Take a Poll For a Chance to Win

We start on Sunday January 6th and announce the first weeks winners on Saturday January 12th. Each week there will be a new poll, new prizes, and new winners!

How can sex toys bring about greater intimacy with my partner?

What can I do to boost my libido?

…sexual muscles for women?

Intimacy, where does it start?

How do I discover and experience the pleasure in my own body?

Share the Fun With Your Friends Too

We have so many great and fun prizes. There will be three winners for each week of prizes. So share this with your friends and be sure to LIKE us on Facebook to be eligible and for your chance to win!


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