A4M Sexual Health Certification Course

A4MJen Landa, MD, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine present the Sexual Health Certification course.

Designed for OB/GYNs, Urologists and Family Practitioners, the Sexual Health Certification course provides approximately 50 CME credits for the provider in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of sexual health disorders in men and women. The course is broken up into four parts:

  • Module A: Female Sexual Health
  • Module B: Male Sexual Health, Gay and Transgender Therapy
  • Module C: Sexual Function, Dysfunction, and Hormones
  • Module D: Psychology and Physiology of Sexuality

Module A on Female Sexual Dysfunction runs from November 2-3, 2012. Speakers include Jennifer Landa, MD, Andrew Goldstein, MD, and Sara Gottfried, MD. Enroll today!

A4M Sexual Health Certification Speakers


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