An incredible movement is starting to help women with low sex drive

Women, we need to start a movement. We can and will finally get our sexy back! It is my mission to reach and help all women who want to get a better sex drive and who are ready to make their relationship with their partner the best it’s ever been! How many excuses can you make when your husband approaches you for sex, again? Or has he stopped even trying because you always say, “not tonight honey”? Has your relationship suffered because your sex life has gone downhill all because your sex drive is somehow lost in the daily chores of laundry, dishes and kids?Women everywhere have suffered, like I have, with low libido and now is the time for me to help empower these women and couples to get their sex life back on track. This is the story of too many women and it has to change.

When I was 28 years old, I lost my libido. I was married only a few years and I just didn’t care if I ever had sex again. It started with the usual excuses…I have my period, I have a headache, I’m soooooo tired, but then I finally couldn’t escape it anymore and I had to tell my adoring husband that I no longer wanted to have sex anymore. Furthermore, I felt like I didn’t really care if I ever had sex again! One of the worst parts for me is that I was already an MD and studying to be an ob/gyn and found that I didn’t know how to help myself. I was scared! I felt like I was the one who, more than anyone should have known how to get my sex drive back on track, but unfortunately I didn’t know where to start! My own ob/gyn really didn’t know now to help me either and said that I was fine and she wasn’t sure how to help me. The answer I got was better than some. Some women who I see tell me that I’m their last hope because when they have seen other doctors for their low libido they were often told that it was their age, or that it was in their head, or that “this is just the way it is and learn to accept it”.

Well, no more! I have made it my mission since then to help my patients get their sexy back! It’s about more than just sex. Having your sexy back means feeling like you’ve got that intangible “it” quality, a zest for life and a quiet confidence that tells the world that you can do anything!

Since I was 28 (15 years ago- yikes, time flies!) I have been researching the question of how to help women with their sex drive and how to help myself! If I couldn’t help me, I certainly didn’t feel qualified to help my patients and that was even more concerning. Over the years, working with my patients, and myself, with new programs that include lifestyle changes, like nutrition, exercise and stress management, supplements and bioidentical hormones I have been able to get my sex drive fired back up, just as I have helped hundreds of patients in my practice over the years, BUT, this is not enough! I wrote my book because I wanted to share the information and techniques that I have learned with the world!

This weekend I am at a conference that has changed my life and am meeting other doctors who have amazing stories of transformation to tell. I realized that my mission has to go beyond the book I’ve released and I want to better communicate this libido boosting program to women around the country and the globe. I will create programs that will teach beyond where the book left off, specifically how, day by day, you can make small, simple changes to get your mojo back on track. I am with incredible physicians like my girl, Dr. Sara Gottfried, who are leading the way in women’s health. There are other pioneers in their fields of psychiatry, sleep medicine, functional and integrative medicine who are all part of the movement to help us all become a healthier and happier society. JJ Virgin, author of several books, including the upcoming, Virgin Diet, is here too and she is the one that is leading the charge and turned me on to the ground breaking idea that we doctors will be more powerful with our message of health, not disease if we band together. I am grateful to be a messenger for this movement. Please, join me! If this sounds like a great new direction in women’s sexuality, health and for the healthcare world in general, please “like” me on Facebook, send my links to your friends and follow my blog here because so many women need this information and I want to work with you to get it out there. Big things are happening in the field of women’s sexuality and healthcare and I want to share them with you!


An incredible movement is starting to help women with low sex drive — 3 Comments

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  2. Dr. Jen!

    I feel your passion for healing women with low libido challenges… YAY!

    You are part of a very exciting and important movement. Women are the foundation of every society… and we’re all stressed out, doing too much, and are suffering as a result.

    Thank you for sharing your passion and gifts with the world… we need them!


    • Thanks so much for your feedback Ande!! I can’t wait to chat with you about working together on strategies to help women with low libido to increase the passion they feel and the intimacy in their relationships!!

      Women need to know that they have options and it is so great that your website, Bring Back Desire is helping to spread the good word 🙂

      Let Ande and I know what you are interested in hearing more about on this blog and her forum, Bring Back Desire!!!

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