Birth Control Pills get Stricter Warnings

If you haven’t heard the latest news about the increasingly obvious dangers of birth control, take a moment to read this article from The Wall Street Journal. This, among other reasons, is why I have been telling my patients to get off of birth control pills for many years. Although I am a former gynecologist, who used to prescribe birth control pills, there is now enough supporting evidence warning of the dangers. Quite simply, women should stop using birth control pills. I recently met a female attorney – she is making her living successfully suing the companies that make birth control pills with drosperinone – standing up for the women who have been harmed by this type of birth control.  I recommend women consider an IUD or diaphragm instead.

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Birth Control Pills get Stricter Warnings — 4 Comments

  1. So what are women supposed to do like myself, who has been diagnosed with PCOS, waiting for laproscopic scope in a wk to look for endometriosis, or a reason why I wont quit bleeding. If I didn’t have birth control pills, I would have bled to death. I’ve bled heavy for 4 months at a time straight…no spotting, full on faucet!After getting on a full dose birth control, it finally calmed down some. What is your suggestion without them? I’m on my 5 type, which in the past I’ve been on Yaz, and now having intestinal and having gall bladder removed too…. I’ve wondered if there is something to the rumors that it causes these problems but my body wants to have a period if I’m even off taking my pill and hr.

  2. As a former gyno, you know that many women use birth control for more than “birth control.” It helps control menstruation and balancing hormones. IUD and diaphragm are not answers for me and many women that rely on birth control. These are not options for me.

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