Blazing Hot Sex Positions

Your next session between the sheets is guaranteed to be a scorcher with these five unique positions.

Good sex is not really about how big his member is or how flexible you are – fabulous sex is born from keeping things fresh and revving up your innate desires. While missionary style is always a great place to start, adding these five positions to your arsenal can take your sex life and your orgasms to the next level. And the really good news- you don’t have to be a contortionist to discover bedroom bliss.

The Long Shot
No, this position won’t make his penis any longer, but you can go for the long haul in this super-intimate face to face girl on guy move.  This position is great if your man is well-endowed because – ladies, you are in control.  You control the depth and heighten your desire to orgasm without bursting.

The Tight Squeeze
Put those kegel exercises to good use and make your man go crazy – as he thrusts you from behind, give him some good squeezes – he will barely be able to control himself.

The Deep G
Men are visual creatures. Give him the opportunity to feast his eyes upon your luscious curves while you steer the course of action.  This position lets you control the depth and speed – take a long lean back and let him plunge deep inside to hit that G-spot.  Take the pleasure to the next level by having him stimulate your clitoris.

The Crouching Tiger
Think doggie-style – only better.  Wriggle your booty up high and have your man enter from behind. He can access some deep penetration while you stimulate your clitoris to completely immerse in lustful decadence.

The Reverse Cowgirl
Yeehaw! Git along lil’ doggies… bring it all home with this position certain to reach a sensual peak. Once again, ladies, you are in control of the depth, while he gets a stellar view of your bountiful behind. Give his testicles a few caresses and tugs as he stimulates your clitoris. The position is delectable for touching each other in all new places from all new angles.


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