Why Nurturing Your Gut Health May Be the Key to a Diet that Works

Diet and nutritionThe latest research suggests your gut bacteria is almost as unique as your fingerprint. Inside your gut, you house a distinct combination of bacteria that determines how your body reacts to certain foods. Someday, finding the perfect diet to manage a healthy weight may be as simple as assessing the profile of your gut bacteria.

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Ask Dr. Jen: Two jobs, three kids, no energy

Endless Energy SaleDear Dr. Jen, I’m working two jobs, my wife works in the city twelve hours a day, and I’ve got three young kids. Between helping with homework and everything else, I’m finding myself running out of energy. I eat energy bars, protein bars, I try to go organic, and I drink coffee to get by. I don’t know if it’s from a lack of vitamins or what, but I’m running out of steam. Please help!

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Motorcycles, Ballroom Dancing, and Dopamine

Dr. Jen Landa and her husband Adam on motorcyclesYou’ve probably heard me say before that we can boost and balance our hormones just by what we do and what we think. For instance, having fun with your partner can boost the calming and bonding hormone, oxytocin. Well, experiencing novelty with your partner increases the brain hormone dopamine. Dopamine hits the reward center of the brain and also amps up the likelihood of sexier sex.

Last weekend, besides giving thanks to our brave service men and women, I took some of my own advice and used the long weekend to chill out and have some fun with my hubby, Adam.

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