Ask Dr. Jen: Sex after Baby

new mom and dadMy boyfriend and I used to have sex all the time. Then I got pregnant and I didn’t want it all the time. Then I had my baby girl, and now I’m never in the mood. I try to take it for the team to keep him happy, but it hurts so bad! We tried everything – lube, jelly, everything – and I can never get in the mood, probably because I’m scared it’s going to hurt. Please help!

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Motorcycles, Ballroom Dancing, and Dopamine

Dr. Jen Landa and her husband Adam on motorcyclesYou’ve probably heard me say before that we can boost and balance our hormones just by what we do and what we think. For instance, having fun with your partner can boost the calming and bonding hormone, oxytocin. Well, experiencing novelty with your partner increases the brain hormone dopamine. Dopamine hits the reward center of the brain and also amps up the likelihood of sexier sex.

Last weekend, besides giving thanks to our brave service men and women, I took some of my own advice and used the long weekend to chill out and have some fun with my hubby, Adam.

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