Dr. Kim D’Eramo on Listening to Your Body

dr_kim_deramoAre you Listening to Your Body?
by Dr. Kim D’Eramo

I continue to be amazed by the incredible powers of the body, and…at the same time, see so many people who are stuck because we’re not taught how to access them.

Every day in the ER, there are people who are on medications to fix problems. They’re living in varying states of illness, low energy, depression, anxiety…and doctors are telling them this can’t be fixed. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s so much more to the picture of how to reverse disease and create well-being!

We’re taught that to get a new result, we need to DO something differently. It’s all about fixing the problem, staying in action and doing things. No wonder so many people are worn out! Yes, taking action for health is important. However, one of the most important skills I’ve learned for transforming the body is the ability to change how you listen.

Listening isn’t just about the ears. Your whole body is constantly “listening” to the world around you. There are billions of “bits” of information coming into your body in any moment, that are informing your cells and your brain. You can learn to listen in a new way, so that this information is filtered differently. You want to receive the types of information that heals your cells, and deflect the information that causes disease.

For example, many patients ask me, “Doctor, what’s wrong with me?” But for chronic illness (especially anxiety, depression, weight gain and autoimmune illness), there is no clear answer of what’s “wrong.” We don’t, however, necessarily need to know what’s wrong, what we need to know is: what does your body need to heal this?

This question is going to bring you very different answers, and pattern your brain to pay attention to very different information.

What if you could learn to listen and get the answers to create a solution for any problem?

This isn’t something that some people can do and others can’t. This is an innate ability we all have….but for most, it’s dormant.

First, relax…
Your body has to be relaxed in order to receive information. The energy in your body creates!…and it creates all kinds of chaos and drama when you hold tension and old energy inside. So, relax your shoulders, shake yourself out a bit, and let go of that tension.

Next, become aware…
Bring your awareness into your body. Breathe slowly and keep your attention anchored onto what’s happening inside you. Feel your breath moving your chest and belly.

So often we’re thinking about what’s going on outside of us: what others are saying or thinking…what is going to happen or not happen…will we be okay?

Bring your attention down…
We have been trained to spend most of our time in our heads, trying to figure things out and know the answers. Let me ask you this: do you have to know the answers? What if you could just release the difficulty and no longer have a challenge…would that be okay?

Get out of your head and bring your awareness down into your body. Feel your chest, then feel your belly, then feel your bum, feel your feet.

When to do it…
Do this while you’re with others. Use it while you’re in conversation. Pay attention to your body to listen. Ask: “how do I feel when he/she is speaking and saying that?”

This is valuable information, and you want to be aware of it. Let everything else go and honor what’s coming up inside you.

I guarantee this will revolutionize your life because you’ll have access to the information–and the solutions–you are looking for!

Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a physician, speaker, TV personality, and author of the #1 bestselling book, The Mind Body Toolkit. She teaches MindBody techniques to instantly increase energy and reverse symptoms so patients can create vibrant health, be free from medication, and eliminate chronic illness. Visit her website and receive your MindBody tools today at: www.mindbodytoolkit.com.

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