What about that G-spot?

Did you know that orgasms are an important part of women’s health?

Orgasms increase your passion, confidence, and self-esteem. They improve your energy and intimacy with your partner and they make you feel and act sexier.

And for women, there’s more than one way to reach orgasm.

The G-Spot

Some women miss out on G-spot orgasms because they’ve never explored that area of their body. Don’t miss out!

Look for your G-spot in the area from one to three inches up the front wall of your vagina. If you hook your finger, it should be just about the right length. You should feel an area with a different, slightly spongy texture. Press into it, feeling for the area that’s most sensitive to pressure.

At first you may feel a sensation of having to pee. For many women, if they continue massaging it, the initial feeling gives way to arousal and intense orgasms!

  • Try it with your partner – it’s fun and totally sexy.
  • Try it on your own – there are plenty of toys designed just for the purpose of stimulating your G-spot.

What if every woman embraced her sexual nature – openly, lovingly, and without shame? The world might be a different place.

Try this sexy position to stimulate your G-spot:

Position yourself on the edge of the bed on all fours. Arch your back so it lifts your butt upwards as your partner enters you from behind. With his legs outside of yours, have him squeeze your knees together with his thighs, which tightens your vagina around his penis. This position stimulates your G-spot and also gives your man a great view of your curves!


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