Good Clean Love – A Modern Loveologist

Wendy Strgar, founder and CEO of Good Clean Love charmed and wowed me with her open, honest and direct talk about her personal struggles with intimacy.

For Wendy, vaginal dryness was her biggest issue. After the birth of each of her four children, Wendy could not have sex with her husband unless she used a lubricant. To her dismay, she could only find petrochemical and paraben-based products, which caused her sensitive vaginal tissue to become irritated.

She was frustrated and desperate, to say the least. She realized she would lose the intimacy she had with her husband if she didn’t do something – so she did.

Wendy refused to use petrochemical products and found a better way to treat the most sensitive and intimate places of her body.

I don’t want to give away the story, but be certain there’s more to Wendy’s amazing, triumphant journey. She’s a major force among women and engages in frank talk and honest advice on love! She’s a true, modern Loveologist!

Listen to the complete interview with Dr Jen Sexpert MD and Wendy Strgar.

“It’s not about products, position, etc… It’s about learning what you need to do to slip into a deeper space in preparation for sexual intimacy.” – Wendy Strgar


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