Is Your Diet Making You Depressed?

Diet ChoiceIn our modern lifestyle, the decision of what to eat is much more complex than simply satisfying hunger.

Your food choices can significantly impact your mental health, among other things. The right food choices can give you more energy, increase productivity, and boost your mood, while the wrong ones can leave you stressed and depressed. So what should you do to protect your mental health?

Make smart food swaps. Use quinoa in place of pasta or white rice, and replace potatoes with sweet potatoes or cauliflower “mashed potatoes.”

Ditch the sugar – and the sugar alternatives. Many people use artificial sweeteners to avoid sugar, but even these can drive down your mood, tank your energy, while increasing your risk of disease. Try flavored, unsweetened waters and herbal teas rather than sugary beverages, and eat berries as a sweet treat when you’re craving one.

Click here to read the full article, which originally appeared on Fox News, and learn more about how your diet can affect your mood and well-being.

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