Listen to Dr. Jen and Dr. Sara discuss how you can enjoy sex more

Dr. Sara GottfriedDr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard-trained MD with over 20 years of experience. Like Dr. Jen, she believes in “eating your leafy greens rather than popping synthetic pills” and that women everywhere “deserve to feel sexy, ripe and delicious.”

Dr. Jen and Dr. Sara recently joined forces to discuss women’s health, vitality, hormones and sexuality. The result was 45 information-packed minutes where two docs talk about how you can enjoy sex more, why you should enjoy sex more, and how to get your mojo back.

This 45 minute interview reveals:

  • Why these two amazing docs went rogue
  • Why they stopped prescribing certain medications
  • What motivated them to escape from an outdated, mainstream medicine way of thinking

Click here to listen to an excerpt from their interview, or you can gain access to the entire interview by clicking here.

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