Motorcycles, Ballroom Dancing, and Dopamine

Last weekend, besides giving thanks to our brave service men and women, I took some of my own advice and used the long weekend to chill out and have some fun with my hubby, Adam.

You’ve probably heard me say before that we can boost and balance our hormones just by what we do and what we think. For instance, having fun with your partner can boost the calming and bonding hormone, oxytocin. Well, experiencing novelty with your partner increases the brain hormone dopamine. Dopamine hits the reward center of the brain and also amps up the likelihood of sexier sex.

Dr. Jen Landa and her husband Adam on motorcyclesMy hubby Adam and I swapped fun and new experiences this weekend, and I’m telling you, the sparks were flying! On Memorial Day morning, we took our motorcycles out for a fun and beautiful ride to a conservation area known for birding with over 300 known species. We saw lots of amazing birds in a gorgeous natural setting on the shores of Lake Apopka.

Riding motorcycles is Adam’s passion, but I recently got licensed too and Adam got me my own bike. I’m still learning and still scared but excited to be participating in Adam’s passion (that’s me on the blue bike). To my utter surprise and delight, in the evening, Adam returned the favor and joined me in my ballroom dance lesson!

Adam has never danced and has always had zero interest in learning, so I was really shocked that he came. He picked it up surprisingly quickly and since he was the only guy who showed up for class, he and the instructor had to share in partnering with all the women in the class. He was a great sport and I felt so cared for by having him share in one of my passions with me.

After class, we went to dinner, and with our oxytocin and dopamine levels flying high, we had a wonderful romantic evening.

With summer heating up, I hope you and your loved one can find some new ways of having fun and sharing passions to heat up your summer and your love life.

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I hope you get out there and have some fun and exciting adventures this weekend!

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