New Habits, New You

When I think of the holidays, I think of time spent gathered with family and friends.  During that time, old memories and life long traditions are shared.  But, something else emerges, too: old habits.  dietSometimes, we revert back to our old ways of doing things or old ways of being when we are around people who knew us way back when.  And, I find myself examining how much I’ve grown- but also thinking about what habits I’d like to change.

When I ask my patients to change their habits, I realize that many of these habits are central to who they are. Changing them is a challenge.  It’s not easy to break out of patterns we’ve developed over years and years of our lives. But one great place to start is by doing something completely new.

When my patients feel stuck in a rut, I encourage them to travel. Travel exposes you to new places, new cultures, new people and new ideas. You come home rested and ready for change in your life.

Even if you are not able to travel the world, get out there and explore your surroundings. You can go anywhere, just as long as you’re doing something new. New is the key here, because you are creating “new habits.” Surrounding yourself with “new” things is a great way to encourage this transformation.

While you’re in this new environment, practice some of the healthy habits you want to bring into your life. They’ll be easier to try outside of your normal environment. Eat healthy meals, go for walks or practice yoga, get a good night’s sleep, and practice stress-management techniques.

When you take the time out to travel and vacation to new places, and you practice healthy habits while doing so, it leaves you coming home feeling rested and ready to make the changes in your life that you deserve.

I’ve seen so many of my patients change their habits – and reap fantastic rewards. They lose weight, they gain self confidence, their mood becomes lighter, and they have more energy. They are renewed. You deserve to have the same.

So, with the holidays approaching and many old traditions to consider think about what NEW things you will bring into your daily life and into the new year.  You don’t have to wait until the 1st of January to consider changing habits that could be good for your health, your happiness, and your sex life.

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