My Practice

The Goal of My Practice

As the Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD, I strive to help my patients achieve optimal health and wellness at all ages while helping them feel younger and more vigorous. I provide my patients the means to achieve their health goals, especially those involving healthy aging, bioidentical hormone replacement, menopause, andropause, weight loss, expert nutritional testing and guidance, and diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness and detoxification.

How it Works

I accomplish this using the technology and medical science of the 21st century to optimize wellness and find the roots of disease—particularly the chronic conditions that mainstream medicine only treats symptomatically. I don’t just focus on symptoms, but on finding the root causes of illness and preventing or reversing them. I strive to prevent damage before it occurs and to repair the damage that may have already been done.

What makes this approach so outstanding is that I can help make everyone healthier, regardless of their condition. Every one of my patients will experience an improvement in their health and a better understanding of their illness and how their lifestyle impacts it.

Preventive Medicine

It is actually much easier—and healthier—to prevent disease than to cure it. However, the traditional model of medicine is designed to diagnose and treat the symptoms of disease when it is in its final or acute stage. It is not designed to create wellness or to effectively prevent disease. My practice is different because I strive not only to diagnose disease in its early stages, when it can be more easily reversed, but to prevent it before any damage occurs, using the techniques of functional medicine to optimize the functions of the body systems.

While there will always be a need for traditional drugs in certain cases, I seek to achieve health objectives that are not possible with standard pharmaceuticals with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, individualized fitness and nutrition plans, and the targeted use of nutritional supplements and scientifically tested natural medicines. When you become a patient, you will learn in detail exactly what, how, how much, and when to eat in order to achieve your best health.

About Me

Jen Landa, MDI am an OB/GYN and Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD and the medical director of BodyLogicMD of Orlando. I dedicate my practice to bioidentical hormone therapy and customized nutrition and fitness programs to help women and men resolve menopausal and andropausal symptoms, including weight gain, sexual dysfunction, declining energy levels, and stress. My desire has always been to help patients achieve wellness through hormone balance and preventive medicine.

As Chief Medical Officer, I am the voice of BodyLogicMD and am also responsible for the training and education standards of all BodyLogicMD affiliated physicians. Lately, I have also been dedicating my time to online training programs to help women regain their energy and drive.