Sex Drive Solution #3: Practice Mindfulness for Better Sex

Now that you know which of your senses awakens your arousal best, heighten your awareness by practicing mindfulness to ward off stress and strengthen the pleasure of your sexual experience.

To achieve mindfulness, you have to practice every day. The easiest place to begin is with your senses. Take steps to become more aware of your surroundings – in daily life and in the bedroom.

  • Listen. Birds chirp and the wind whistles – outside, but inside the bedroom hear the calming soft sounds of each deep and deliberate breath you take together.
  • Taste. When you eat, remove all distractions, concentrate on each bite, chewing slowly and focusing on every flavor that tantalizes your palate. In the bedroom, experience the taste of your lover with gentle kisses anywhere or playful licking everywhere.
  • Smell. Nothing captivates the mind like the sense of smell. Let your nose discover the delicious fragrances of life – flowers, herbs or the wafting aroma of a local bakery. In the bedroom, let the sweet scent of your lover’s skin entice you.
  • Touch. Silky soft fabrics, a kitten’s fuzzy fur, sand between your toes….in the bedroom experience all the textures of one another’s body.

Once you make yourself more in-tune with the sensations you are exposed to in every instant, you can begin to shift your attention to minding the thoughts of your mind.  When endless to-do lists, criticisms from the past and financial worries creep into your head and drag you down, train yourself to find a new level of awareness. Allow yourself to become present in the moment, this way, whether you need to get in a good mood or get into “the mood,” you will enjoy every moment more – improving your relationship, your sex and your sensual well-being.


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