Sex Drive Solution#5: Fuzzy Handcuffs

For some women the broaching of this subject may be taboo, but sex toys are a quick and easy way to bring the novelty back to your sex life. 

Vibrators. Vibrators date back to the 1880s – developed to spare physicians the arduous task of giving vulvar or clitoral massages to cure women who had been diagnosed with “hysteria” (get the full scoop on this story  in my  new book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women.) Vibrators can be helpful to women who have difficulty reaching orgasm or to intensify the orgasm.

Erotica and fantasy. Erotica comes in multiple forms – books, online content, magazines, drawings, sculpture or photographs – and it does not have to be trashy or low-brow. You can browse the erotica sections at local bookstores or online booksellers to find tasteful selections to awaken your libido.

Novelty Toys. Fuzzy handcuffs, sexy dice and feather ticklers – simple and easy devices that can put a little spice in your sex life!

Instructional videos. These can be just as arousing as porn films and the bonus is – you get to learn something too!

Never before, have couples had such convenient, private access to great erotica, sex information and sex toys.  The internet allows you and your partner to avoid any potential feelings of embarrassment or discomfort at the library or novelty store and explore freely thousands of ways to enhance your sex life.


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