Spicy Chicken with Lime Juice: A Recipe from Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen's Spicy Chicken with lime juiceCooking is still kind of a new adventure for me. And I love recipes like this that are quick, delicious, and provide the nutrients I want for myself and my family.

This recipe is packed with protein, vitamin C and healthy spices. Pair it with a salad or sauteed greens, and you’ve got dinner! (It’s almost too easy…)

Spicy Chicken with Lime Juice


  • 1 lb organic, free-range boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp cayenne
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • Coconut oil spray
  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 1 tbsp garlic, minced


Mix spices (chili powder, garlic powder, black pepper, cayenne, salt) together in a small bowl. Coat both sides of the chicken breast generously with the mixture.

Heat chicken over medium heat in a large skillet prepared with coconut oil spray. Heat chicken about 6 minutes on each side until golden brown. Sprinkle with minced garlic and lime juice.

Cook 5 more minutes, stirring frequently to coat chicken evenly with lime juice and garlic. Enjoy!

Wishing you and your family the best this Memorial Day!

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