Ask Dr. Jen: Why is birth control killing my sex drive?

birthcontrol1Dear Dr. Jen, I’m 23 and have been married for a year and a half. I went on the pill at 18 and had no sex drive. I finally switched to the Mirena IUD two months ago hoping it would help, but I haven’t noticed any change. Should I give Mirena more time? Or should I give up on birth control altogether? I feel like I’m missing out and I know my husband feels that way too.

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How Will Your Sex Life Be Affected After a Vasectomy?

Every couple reaches a point in their lives when children are no longer a desired option, and permanent birth control becomes a hot topic. For decades, women have endured the hormonal sways of the pill or endured invasive and sometimes … Continue reading

The Trouble with Over the Counter Birth Control

Any woman who has ever experienced a birth control induced hormone imbalance knows the wrong birth control can wreck your life. And it’s not just about weight gain either.  Studies have shown that certain forms of birth control, particularly the pill, can … Continue reading