Dr. Jen Featured on Hitched Magazine

Check out an excerpt from The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire Up Your Libido as featured on Hitched Online Magazine for married couples. One of the best aspects of planning sex is the element of anticipation. … Continue reading

Dr. Jen Featured on HealthTalk with Dr. Manny

I sat down with Dr. Manny from Health Talk on FoxNews.com to discuss the risks and benefits of testosterone pellet therapy. Pellet therapy has been around since the 1930s–the concept is probably about the same age as Premarin, but much … Continue reading

Jennifer Landa, M.D. featured on Everyday Health to Warn Men about the Dangers of Skipping Routine Screenings

Last year, the United States Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare and Quality Research (AHRQ) launched a campaign that brought to light the health hazards men face when they skip their routine doctor visits. Today, Everyday Health … Continue reading