Get the Most From Your Doctor – Know Your Numbers Part Three

This is the third of my six part series on Getting the Most from your Doctor. In part two of this series, I talked about inflammation and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), and gave you tips on how to decrease inflammation … Continue reading

Get the Most from Your Doctor – Know Your Numbers Part Two:

With the average doctor’s visit lasting only about seven minutes, it’s crucial that you go in armed with information and questions vital to your health. What specific things do you need to know for optimal health? If you don’t know … Continue reading

Dr. Landa Featured on Daytime TV: It’s All about Prevention

  Preventive health begins early – that is why it is important to begin screenings as early as your twenties and follow-through with routine screenings throughout every decade in life.  I chatted with Daytime TV to talk about “knowing your numbers” … Continue reading

Jennifer Landa, M.D. featured on Everyday Health to Warn Men about the Dangers of Skipping Routine Screenings

Last year, the United States Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare and Quality Research (AHRQ) launched a campaign that brought to light the health hazards men face when they skip their routine doctor visits. Today, Everyday Health … Continue reading