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I Have More Energy and Feel Younger Thanks to Bioidentical Hormones



Bioidentical Hormone Therapy was the Key to My Weight Loss Success



My Success with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy as a Patient of Dr. Landa



My Energy Levels Went Up Thanks to Bioidentical Hormones



I’ve Lost 27 lbs with Bioidentical Hormones



Making the Choice to Feel Better



It Won’t Be Easy but the Hard Work will Pay Off



Dr. Landa Helped Me Overcome Symptoms of Menopause



I Feel Like Myself Again, Thanks to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy



I’ve had Great Success wtih the BodyLogicMD Program



My Hormones are Balanced and I Feel Great!



Hormone Replacement Therapy Improved My Cholesterol



Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Relieved Me from the Symptoms of Menopause



Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Helped Me!



I am a New Person Thanks to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy!



Bioidentical Hormones Helped Get Rid of My Hot Flashes and Night Sweats!



Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Gave Me My Zest for Life Back!



I’ve Lost 35 Pounds with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy!



Evelyne A. Talks About Her Experience with Menopause



I am Now VERY Stabilized

My name is Laurie and I have been using BHRT for almost two years. I am currently 51, but have been told I was peri-menopausal for several years. Other than regular, but heavy periods, and some issues with sleep, I was not having too many other issues. I was, at that time, using over the counter herbal supplements that were intended to ease mild symptoms.

While on vacation, I bought the book by Suzanne Sommers “The Sexy Years”. I was intrigued by her knowledge and pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. That has always been my theory on how I wish to live my life. I knew my menopause was inevitable, and wanted to make an informable decision on how I wanted that part of my life to be.

After reading the book, I got online to discover Dr. Jennifer Landa in Maitland, FL. I googled her credentials and was very impressed with the fact that she also had a medical background as a OB/GYN. Although, after five children, I certainly wasn’t in need of an obstetrician , but to have someone qualified in that field also was an added bonus! She ran all the tests, and found I was in need of some progesterone, and also had me take quality vitamins. Some months after my hot flashes came on like a rage. Again, I was tested and this time I was in desperate need of estrogen.

I have read many books, and have searched online since I read “The Sexy Years” and knew that I had a battle with Mother Nature going on. My body was continuously changing up and down, and through testing every three months, Dr. Landa was able to keep the beast at bay! I am now VERY stabilized. As patient and doctor we have successfully been able to regulate my body to a point where I have more energy, feel good from the inside out, and moreover have an understanding of my body that I never thought I could. I need to mention that my husband noticed the transformation I was going through and asked to get him an appointment with Dr Landa as well. I had been telling him I thought he was going through Andropause, but being the big, strong, man that he is, forget about it! He has been using the Testosterone shots weekly, and feels great. He also is on the vitamins and following a better diet plan, which Body Logic stresses along with the BHRT. He has a very stressful position owning a company, was not sleeping well, has high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These symptoms are weaning as he is deeper into his therapy. His primary doctor is also very impressed and urges him to continue with his protocol with Dr Landa.

I have been a physical testament to many of my friends, and several have decided to regain their health! The biggest concern is that the insurance field refuses, at this point, to consider treatment as it would with a pharmaceutical product. I feel my health is more important that my pocket book! I know Oprah has already had the issue of BHRT on her show and is very pleased with the natural methods of health. Maybe we can get Oprah to help us out with these insurance issues!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story.

Laurie J.  Age 51


I Have Never Felt Better in My Life!

I was sitting in my insurance agent’s office commiserating with her the woes of being middle aged. She said that she’d lined up her entire family on the couch and in a matter-of-fact tone told them that she hated them all but to hang in there with her because she was getting “help.” I was in stitches but it left me thinking, “Well, I’m not as bad as her, I only hate my husband.” I was on a slippery slope.

In February of 2007, I found myself standing in a client’s driveway in tears. I looked into the back of my van at my tools and paints and didn’t have a clue as to what to do with that stuff. I was stressed out, depressed and angry. I couldn’t make a simple decision, couldn’t sleep and felt as though I was living in a fog. To add insult to injury, I couldn’t shake off the extra twenty pounds that was squishing over my bra straps. I called my GYN that day, in tears, and explained to him that I’m a woman who only cries biannually and something is wrong with me. After he snickered, he prescribed Estrodial and suggested an antidepressant. Antidepressants are not an option for me but I took the Estrodial. I’m a bit of a health nut and there had to be a better way to approach this, I reasoned, before I turn into my mother.

By divine appointment, I had a new client, my age, same struggles and she handed me Suzanne Summers book, Ageless, addressing bioidentical hormone therapy. I’m pretty sure Suzanne was speaking directly to me. Enter Dr. Landa.

With proper lab work i.e. saliva testing and blood work, coupled with her genuine concern (Dr. Landa listened to me!) I now had a “lifestyle” prescription tailored to me and no one else. It turns out I didn’t even need Estrogen, I needed Progesterone. I also learned I was suffering from adrenal fatigue and that if the adrenal glands are fried, all other hormone function is a trickle down from there. I followed Suzanne Summers eating plan with my vegetarian twist and started exercising at least four days a week. BodyLogicMD’s Orlando-based Dr. Landa’s hormone therapy and herbal approach to healing my adrenal glands has given me a new overall sense of wellbeing. She did not give me a synthetic hormone band-aid for an instant feel good like traditional medicine would impose but rather healing prescriptions.

I have never felt better in my life! I do not feel, nor do I look 46. I’ve dropped 18 pounds and I’m toned. I covet my exercise and “me” time and I’m religious about taking my prescribed supplements and bioidentical hormones. Just try to keep up with me! Even my husband is now under Dr. Landa’s care for the simple truth that he saw how this approach changed my life. Changed his too, I’m much nicer to be around.

L.A. Age 46


I was Sick and Tired of Being Tired

I am 67 years old and wish I would have known about bio-identical hormones a long time ago.

After having a Pap smear and mammogram about seven years ago a medical doctor recommended I start taking hormone replacement therapy for my adrenal fatigue. I’m not big on prescription drugs and come from a family who live well into their 80s and 90s. To my knowledge none of my aunts or my mother was ever on HRT drugs so I just concentrated on taking vitamins and supplements to stay healthy.

It wasn’t long thereafter that I started feeling overly tired after working out in the gym for just a short amount of time. It got to the point where, thanks to the fatigue, I “just didn’t feel” like going to the health club. Before I knew it I was feeling more and more tired and could not schedule doing very much each day because I would just get pooped to the point of being fatigued..

The fatigue was extreme at times. Sometimes it felt like a wave of heaviness would overcome me. It was as if I had only so much adrenaline and that would get used up really fast. Then I would push myself and would end up feeling “spent”. My body would slump and I would hardly have enough energy to sit up. It seemed I would feel tired and fatigued all the time. I was either pushing myself to do something or choosing to do nothing other than sit around and watch TV. And even that seemed like an effort at times.

My adrenal glands were “shot” so I started taking supplements under the direction of a chiropractor who eventually directed me to a Doctor of Osteopathy. It was this doctor who did some blood work and introduced me to bioidentical hormones. I had a prescription filled but it didn’t seem to help much. Unfortunately, I moved out of state and didn’t follow up on the hormone treatment. Big mistake!

I finally got to the point where I was sick and tired of being tired. Somebody mentioned a book for women about hormones. After reading it I decided that the fatigue could be directly related to my hormone imbalance. Rather than contact another Doctor of Osteopathy it seemed appropriate to contact a doctor who was trained in working specifically with problems that women have with hormonal imbalances since “regular” medical doctors only prescribe drugs and I didn’t want to go that route. My mission then became finding someone who could understand how I felt and help me out.

Being a new resident in Minnesota I didn’t know whole lot of people and no one, including doctors, knew what I was talking about when I mentioned compounded bioidenticals. So I went to the Internet. The qualifications I wanted in a Minnesota bioidentical hormone physician were that he had to have special training in hormone balance for women, be able to prescribe bioidenticals that were compounded at a local pharmacy, if possible, and have an office within driving distance. Well, guess what? BodyLogicMd had someone who fit that bill!

I have been in to see Dr. Pippert for an initial visit after the hormone testing, so have only been using the Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for a short while. However, I am already having amazing results. I am no longer overcome with a wave of fatigue. I am able to stay up all day without having to take a nap. I seem to be getting back to feeling “normal” again, like before I had menopause symptoms, and can even take care of my 2-year old grandson all day without feeling fatigued??..a little tired, but not fatigued.

The hurdle I have yet to overcome is getting back to the gym and not feeling the tiredness and fatigue after a workout so I joined the YMCA. Today I was able to exercise on an Elliptical machine set at the lowest level for only a few minutes. I can do only one set on a few of the machines before I start feeling mild fatigue. However, I expect this to get better as time goes by.

I’m looking forward to getting my second set of lab work done and meeting with Dr. Pippert who is very kind and understanding. I feel fortunate to have happened upon BodyLogicsMd on the Internet and to have Dr. Pippert as my physician.

E.M. Age 67


When has Your Doctor Ever Hugged You?

I found BodyLogicMD’s Dr. Jennifer Landa in Orlando, Florida after reading Suzanne Somers? book Ageless. I started the book without having any idea what it would be about, and finished it convinced that better health was possible at any age with balanced chemistry.

When I first met with Dr. Landa, I was experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms such as insomnia, itchy skin, and weight gain. More importantly than that was the fact that I was sick every eight weeks with a cold and was really feeling run down. I couldn’t get into an exercise routine because I couldn’t stay healthy long enough and that had me feeling very frustrated. If that wasn’t enough, I also had anxiety and panic attacks that were horrible to experience. In short, I was a total wreck and didn’t know how to get better.

I did see my family physician twice and had blood work done with no real diagnosis before seeing Dr. Landa. Through blood work, a salvia test, and a long consultation, Dr. Landa figured out my problem very quickly. I am peri-menopausal, have adrenal fatigue and reactive hypoglycemia. Dr. Landa placed me on bioidentical hormones including progesterone and a few naturally compounded supplements that I have been taking since November 07. She also insisted on some other changes; no soda, minimal caffeine, a diet that is careful about glycemic index, and no Xanex for anxiety.

I have to admit that I had to make changes slowly, but one by one I did what she asked. My symptoms of peri-menopause are gone! I have only been sick once, my sleep issues are fine and I no longer have any anxiety. My energy and enthusiasm for life has come back, and I have been working out regularly since April. I have to admit that the last brick to fall for me is now really focusing on my diet and taking off the weight I want to take off.

However, now I feel good enough to do so. My last visit to Dr. Landa’s Orlando-based BodyogicMD office included more labs that confirmed through chemistry that I am getting better. I think Dr. Landa was so glad, she gave me hug. When has your doctor ever hugged you?

T.M. Age: 44